March 22, 2017

Small Groups


気軽にコーヒーショップなどに集まって聖書から励まされたことをシェアしているグループや 、共通の趣味を通してあつまり楽しく一緒に時間を過ごし神様のことをシェアしているグループがあります。どのグループも関係づくりの中で神様の愛を知り、成長することを目的としています。あなたも参加できる場所をぜひ探してみてください。


Small Groups, at Life Church, are where friends come together and have a fun time fellowshipping together.
With groups that casually meet at coffee shops to talk about what they’ve recently learned from the Bible to groups that share a common interest and like to have fun together, while talking about their experiences with the Lord; there are many kinds of small Small Groups at Life Church!
All groups, however, are a place you can experience God’s love and grow in your relationship with Lord so find a group near you and join today!

For every age group, there is a community for you! Please click on the link for each age group to find a group that’s right for you. Contact information is also included, so if you would like to check out a small group, please contact the person in charge.

メンズ・ウィメンズ ミニストリー MEN’S & WOMEN’S MINISTRY


0歳児~小学生 Ages 0 to 6th grade
中学生~大学生 Jr. Hight to College students

独身&社会人 Singles & Young Adults


ママと子供のためのコミュニティ MOM'S & KIDS