July 5, 2017

MOM’S CAFE ママズカフェ

7月より、毎月一回、お母さん達を対象にしたMom’s cafeを開催します!

お問合せContact : 木下由美 (Yumi) yumikinoshita.lifechurch@gmail.com


Mom’s cafe
Our monthly Mom’s cafe is starting from July!
We would like to provide a cozy place for moms to be encouraged and relax in God’s Love.
We’re planning fun and relaxing events to enjoy together.
There will also be a designated area for kids to play . No registration needed, so just come and enjoy!
Please be sure to grab a flier at the welcome center.
For further info , please contact Yumi:
7/25  10:30〜12:00(先着15名)
*We can only accommodate 15 people for the July 25th event. (10:30-12:00)